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Via Marina Nuova, 7 84060 Agnone Cilento (Salerno)

Via Marina Nuova, 7 84060 Agnone Cilento (Salerno)

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The pleasures of the Mediterranean Diet

Fresh fish and the best fruits of Cilento are the precious raw materials that we select every day in our kitchens to accompany you on a journey within the journey.

An excursion into the ancient food and wine traditions of our land. At the roots of the famous Mediterranean Diet, born in Cilento, and then spread around the world.

In the summer, which is at home here for most of the year, we invite you to enjoy our dishes directly on the terrace. Where even the gaze can savor the beauty of this magical land. And above all of the enchantment of our sea.

Traditional dishes and top quality products always in season.

An ideal outdoor space in the summer, overlooking the sea.

Welcoming and familiar interior room, an environment that invites you to dine in peace.


Continental breakfast

In the morning a sweet breakfast is served with bread, jam, homemade cakes, sweet pastries, accompanied by the classic morning drinks such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and hot tea or fruit juice or orange juice.

Savory options are also available for breakfast upon request.

The staff will be happy to welcome you in our elegant breakfast room or at the tables outside overlooking the sea.


The bar corner of the Hotel La Rampa, adjacent to the restaurant, is a well-kept and welcoming space.

It is the ideal place to have an aperitif, take a quiet break while sipping a coffee or to chat with other guests and our staff.